Press Tower & Mould Solutions

JO-BEX-MAN are specialists in forming technologies… utilising a patented Multi-Mould system to deliver remarkable results with end product form, yet incorporates a simple and cost-effective solution for closing and opening the racks.

Each Multi-Mould rack is designed to your exact requirements ensuring you have the perfect end profile for your pack.

JO-BEX-MAN offer a variety of solutions to assist with handling onto and off of the multi-mould racks from an ergonomic demoulding device that gently releases product from each mould to a fully automated solution that requires no handling into and out of the moulds… they provide what is effectively a modular system that can be built upon piece by piece to gradually automate the handling part of the process.

Some top-line benefits include…

  • Improve finished product appearance and uniformity
  • Improve slicing yields
  • Reduce product breakages
  • Optimization of cooking and cooling times
  • Substantial labour savings
The outside of JO-BEX-MAN's headquarters in Spain.