Inox Meccanica P600/800

The Inox Meccanica Semi-Automatic Forming machine is able to put a variety of whole muscle products into Casing or Netting.

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Inox Meccanica PIC

The Inox Meccanica PIC series offers a fully automated Forming, Stuffing, Stretching, Cutting and Clipping solution… benefit from labour and Casing savings.

Case, Net or do Both at the same time in one cycle.

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Inox Meccanica CLXP260 Clipper

The Inox Meccanica CLXP260 offers a unique proposition with flexibility enabling a filler to portion into casing from 65-260mm using this one machine.

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Inox Meccanica CLP

The Inox Meccanica CLP range offer a very safe method of clipping casings and nettings utilising a peddle activation for the cutting and clipping.

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Inox Meccanica Casing & Netting Loader

Inox Meccanica offer a range of Casing & Netting Loaders including one capable of loading either by simply turning a switch. The loaders are capable of displaying the quantity of Casing/Netting on the tubes.

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