Menozzi Vacuum Tumblers

Menozzi offer a range of vacuum tumblers that are refined and built to last, utilizing a flexible lift and tip design that are space saving and offer upto 60% fill capacity with positive drive systems that ensure you have consistent tumbling cycles every time for repeatable product quality. They can be equipped with a glycol jacket and range from 700-3,500kg fill capacity.

Menozzi offer a range of methods for filling the tumblers that include manual and automated tote bin, dolav and vacuum loading systems.

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Fomaco In-Line Continuous Tumblers

With simply a 90minute tumble post injection the Fomaco In-Line Tumblers offer a variety of benefits including higher retentions, better brine distribution and sealing of injection pin-holes.

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Fomaco 200Litre Euro Bin Tumbler

Utilising standard 200litre Euro Bins for tumbling, this simple, flexible solutions provides a very effective way to tumble products quickly while reducing handling.

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